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Anonymous asked: how many layers do you usually keep during painting?

2 or 3

Anonymous asked: wow your artworks are amazing! just curious, what is your favorite color?

thank you!
i don’t know, i like every color, it’s hard to choose the favorite one ( ˘ω˘ )



stop motion puppet


"The Taiwanese government wants to approve a treaty between China which would influence most of the industry in Taiwan. Originally it would be examined by the congress, but the party of the government (KMT) try to avoid the examination, so the furious people have occupied the congress now to show their disappointment."



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This is my country, and today, the legislature in order to pass a bill of inequality, the ruling party to turn off the monitor, captured by the microphone to announce the bill, ignoring any opposition.

Most of the media being manipulated in Taiwan. Students and people to defend democracy in the Legislature, but Taiwan’s news criticized  those pepole.

Please please Reblog this post let more people to see, the government ignored the democraticwe, please let more people know. 

And sorry for my poor English. Thank you for your reblog.

RAI’s OC, Noah Botten

RAI’s OC, Noah Botten